Monday, February 29, 2016

Stardust Polish Anniversary Trio

Hello everyone!

I am hoping this blog isn't too long because I want to say all the important things as quickly as possible so that you won't miss the very exciting anniversary event Stardust will be having!! Today I have three beautiful polishes to show you! These polishes will be releasing in March (Date is TBD)  in the Stardust shop along with a full restock of other products. (purchase a lotion..hint hint). Also, there will be a 30% off sale throughout the whole month of March! Thanks, Drema!!! (Code: 3year) Go now to purchase a bottle of lotion, nail polish or other goodies!

Now onto the new releases! 

This is Stardust Beauty a bright red linear holo with scattered red metal micro flakies and red holo glitter. I applied 3 coats of this beauty plus topcoat! This also looks like something I'd use to wrap a present haha it's gorgeous!!

This is Cheers to 3 Years a vibrant medium purple linear holo with some purpler shimmer! I honestly think this could probably stamp! It was opaque in 2 coats but I used 3 (my preference). 

This is Anniversary Jubilee a white crelly with holo pink, neon pink, garnet, purple & holo violet glitters in various sizes and shapes. I literally love every single crelly stardust polish has ever created!! This one is probably my favorite haha!

So will you be getting this trio? What are some of the things you want to try from the Stardust shop with the 30% discount? (code: 3year)

Friendly reminder, shop will be closed beginning April 1st and will reopen in June so I highly recommend you get all the goodies you need before April! 

I will be picking up more bottles of lotion and also some acetone additive!

For more information follow @stardustbeautyLLC on Instagram! 

Here is a mani I did to celebrate 3 years of amazing polishes and goodies! Thank you Drema for being you and for being the creator of such amazing polishes! Seriously you're the best! 

Until next time,

Karen (minipolishh)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Stardust Beauty: Lotion Review

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to show you a new product I received as a christmas gift from Drema aka @stardustbeautyllc (known as Stardust Polish). she recently changed her name because she is expanding her shop and making so much more like candles, lotions, and all types of body care goodies! I received this lotion as a gift from her with no intention to review it. I seriously have fallen in love with this lotion. Literally the best I have EVER tried.

I am a huge fan of Bath and Body Works lotion. I seriously have so many bottles in my room that I didn't think I needed to try any other lotions. Once I received this lotion I tried it on my hands and feet. I'm from the desert so my skin is always dry no matter how much lotion I put on. 

I seriously can't even find the words to describe this lotion. It's so smooth and my skin has never felt this soft. I applied it for a whole week and my hands and feet are no longer dry. I am talking about cracked skin, the ugly kind! It's fixed!

This is what the 1oz bottle looks like and it's the perfect togo size!

Some info on the lotion:
You can find it here.
10ml = 3.50
1oz = $5.50
2oz = $8.00
4oz = $10.00

Taken from the product description
This lotion is:
Mineral Oil-Free
Cruelty Free ~ No Animal Testing 

Here are some of the pictures after going on a vacation and my cuticles were hideous! My bottle was custom made so this is not what the bottle will look like when you receive your lotion.

This first picture is BEFORE I applied lotion. My cuticles are very dry and I also have some slightly noticeable hang nails.

Here is a close up and you can definitely see how dry my skin is

 After applying the lotion it does leave a shine to your skin. I leave the lotion on for a bit before grabbing a towel and removing any shine. The shine goes away, I just remove it with a towel for swatching purposes..that's just my swatch routine. 

Here is a close up and you can see the shine on my skin but not so much the dry skin.

This is the end result and I actually washed my hands before this shot because I like to wash my hands after I apply lotion..makes no sense haha 

Here is the close up! I have never been able to fully get rid of cracked skin and this is the first time in a long time where my skin feels amazing! If I could show you the before and after of my feet I totally would! 

Here is a comparison of what my hands look like before and after. I did not do anything special aside from putting on lotion and pushing my cuticles while I had the lotion on. 

In case you cannot see the it is! 

I highly recommend this lotion especially if you have dry skin and for your cuticles! Every time I swatch I apply this before I take pictures. I have not been this impressed over something in a lonnnng time. I need a tub of this..or a lifetime supply! I have been using this lotion for a little over a month and I am still in love! 

If you have any questions please feel free to ask! I will probably update my swatching/nail care routine sometime soon. 

Until next time,

Karen (minipolishh)

Bliss Polish: Vintage Romance Trio

Hello everyone!

I have a beautiful trio perfect for Valentine's day that I am sure you'll love! I know I am late to the party but I am hoping you'll forgive me with this awesome collection haha. The Vintage Romance Trio consists of 3 polishes, 2 holographic and 1 crelly. They are very very beautiful and application is amazing!

Additional info about the trio:
Cost: Vintage Romance Trio retails for $27 (not including shipping)
Release date: Available now! Not sure for how long but I recommend you pick it up ASAP!
Full/Mini bottles: As of right now there are only sold in Full Size bottles.

Darling is a deep wine linear holo with shimmer. It retails for $10. It's even more beautiful under direct sunlight! I tried to capture a proper picture but I couldn't get it to come out. It literally is drool worthy! P.S. I also heard Darling stamps!! 

Cherished is a white crelly with rose holo, gold holo and garnet microglitters! It retails for $9. I suggest you take your time with application for this polish. It is easy to apply too many layers if you're not careful. I really like the macro I took for this one. You can really see how much awesomeness it contains!!

Beloved is a rose gold holo. It retails for $10. Looking for a rose gold polish to feel extra fancy? yup..this is it! and it's HOLO! perfect combination!!

Overall, I am so in love with this trio and this is coming from someone who never buys a full collection! I also like how classy my nails look with these polishes and how much the holo stands out! What do you think? Which one is your favorite? 

Get the collection here--->Vintage Romance Trio

Until next time, 

Karen (minipolishh) 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Magic 8 Box Review & Swatches

Hello everyone!

Today I have the Magic 8 Box to share with you! The theme for this box is The 80's Love Song!! 

So here is what you'll get in your Magic 8 Box! It will contain products from 8 brands, 4 permanent brands and 4 guest makers. I will swatches of the four permanent brands first then move on to the guest makers. I will also provide links to all brands! 
The price: This box retails for $59 plus shipping! That's about $7.38 per polish (not including shipping). Not a bad deal at all! Plus I know some people on Facebook are dividing the cost and splitting the polishes! 
Release date: The Magic 8 box will be releasing this Monday 2/8 in the Philly Loves Lacquer shop! For more information make sure to check out @phillyloveslacquer on Instagram! 

Alright lets get started!
Philly Loves Lacquer (permanent maker for the Magic 8 Box) This is "This Much is True-oo", which is an ode to True by Spandau Ballet! It's a luscious grey crelly filled with UCC flakies, gold flakies, and other sparkly goodness. Here you see 3 coats + topcoat!
This is my second ever owned polish from Philly Loves Lacquer and I am very impressed! I loved that the flakies were still very visible within this grey crelly! The gloss to it was also a plus! 

Rica Polish (permanent maker for the Magic 8 Box) This is "Time After Time" a mix of sparkly microglitters (I see gold, and different pinks) This polish dries slightly textured but I used Glossy Glam topcoat to smooth it out. Here you see 3 coats +topcoat 

I love the pop of colors! It's gorgeous! Application takes patience but definitely worth it!

Smokey Mountain Lacquer (permanent maker for the Magic 8 Box) This is "Faithfully" a light grey/blue with subtle holo sparkle. Here's 3 coats +topcoat.

The perks about these types of boxes is that you get to try different polishes and different brands. This is actually a brand I have never tried before and I really liked it! 

My Indie Polish (permanent maker for the Magic 8 Box) This is "Purple Rain" a medium purple with flakies and glitters! Here's 3 coats +topcoat. 

This brand is also new to me and I have actually never seen this brand before. My first thoughts were "who are you?! I want more from you!" 

Delush Polish (Guest maker) This is "Never Gonna Give You Up" a light blue crelly with neon glitters! Here's 3 coats +topcoat. 

Glitters were a bit hard to get out of the bottle but not impossible! These colors make the perfect combination! My favorite picture is the macro because you can really see how the colors peak through.

Pipe Dream Polish (Guest maker) This is "Cherish" a medium blue cream with silver flakies! Here's 3 coats +topcoat

Application was wonderful and the color is ammmazzzinnng!

(Guest maker) This is "Can't Fight This Feeling" a deep navy blue jelly with flakies! Here's 3 coat +topcoat.

This box is a whole lot of flakies! Isn't wonderful?! 
This polish is so beautiful!

Native War Paints (Guest Maker) This is "Never Tear Us Apart" a fuchsia with blue shimmer. Here's 3 coats +topcoat. 
Not gonna lie, I was super excited to swatch this one! The shimmer looks amazing under the light!! 

So what are your thoughts on this box? Planning on getting it? I really like that this box has a little of everything! Different colors, different finishes, different glitters! Make sure to follow these brands on instagram and also don't forget this will be releasing Monday 2/8! 
Here's what they all look like together

Until next time, 
Karen (minipolishh)
Press Sample, this review is 100% honest.